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about us

Our Philosophy

The staff of Norborne subscribes to the following philosophy:


Ø       Creating a protective atmosphere in which each child is
accepted and loved as an unique person and an important member of the group.


Ø       Aiding each child in reaching toward their maximum potential
by promoting self-image, so that they can experience the joy and pride of achievement.


Ø       Helping each child to deal with emotional responses, adjust to necessary changes, and to overcome obstacles.


Ø       Helping each child to respect the rights and privileges of others,
and to learn to understand others’ feelings and points of view.

Our Goals For All Children
Our goal is for all children to develop:

Ø       An increase in self-esteem, confidence, expression, 

Ø        An ability to work with others


Ø        A feeling of success


Ø        A joy of and an interest in learning

Ø        Creativity

Ø        Responsibility